15 Things To Do In Carlisle As A Student

With an estimated population of over a hundred thousand inhabitants, Carlisle, Cumbria is one of the most populous and popular cities in West England. Talking about size, Carlisle ramp up over 4000 square miles – it is one of the largest English cities when we consider the land area. The Romans established the city of Carlisle during the first century. Hence, it takes centre stage in the myths and legends of England as a country. 

If you are a student who is just visiting Carlisle for the first time, you will most likely be wowed by the architectural masterpieces the city boasts. These are pieces of evidence of the Romans’ reigns and their strong influence on this part of North West England. Apart from being a great city, the people of Carlisle are great and friendly. The foods are rich, and there are so many options to choose from.

But that is not all; there are tons of activities that can keep you busy and entertained as a student in Carlisle. This article will discuss more extensively on that while providing you with the list of top ideal places a student can visit in Carlisle. 

Entertainment Spots for students in Carlisle

If you are a lover of entertainment, you can treat yourself to tons of fascinating entertainment spots in Carlisle. Feel free to choose from our list below. 

  1. The Old Fire Station is where you can enjoy a diverse range of intriguing music events. The music and the dancing never end in the Old Fire Station. 
  2. The famous artist, Conrad Atkinson own vallum Gallery. The place serves as a venue for several exhibitions – both internal and external – at different times of the year. 
  3. Stanwix Theatre is a famous entertainment spot in Carlisle. It made the 2014 nomination list of the Best Arts Venue in England. There, you can enjoy the exhibitions and performances of the Performing Arts students at the University of Cambria.
  4. Carlisle United is the place to be if you are interested in excellent football. You should not miss the weekend and midweek matches. 
  5. The Brickyard is one of the oldest and longest-serving independent live music venues in the city. The most prominent alternative musicians have performed at the 320-capacity venue, after its revival in 2002. While there, make yourself comfortable with your favourite drinks and night music. 

Tourist Attraction Sites for students in Carlisle

As mentioned in the introductory part of this article, Carlisle is a city that is rich in culture and legend. So, it is not surprising that we have so many tourist attractions you can check out as a student in Carlisle. We have highlighted some of them below.

  • The Carlisle Lakes are must-visit for you. They are found in the northern lake district of the city – just 25 minutes away from the main quarters of the city. 
  1. The Historic Quarter of the Carlisle City is where you find the Tullie House Museum, the Carlisle Cathedral, and the Carlisle Castle. The famous Scot’s Mary Queen was imprisoned in the Carlisle Castle. The Carlisle Cathedral is the most popular religious spot in Carlisle, while the Tullie House Museum houses more artefacts than other museums in Carlisle. 
  2. The Hadrian’s Wall – Built in the second century by the then ruler, Emperor Hadrian, this wall is the largest Roman artefact across the globe. It is considered a failsafe defence, thanks to its 73 miles length and numerous forts, each at a distance of five miles from the other. If you have the time and strength, walking the full stretch at a go is not impossible.
  3. Bitts Park is where you should be if you are a lover of beautiful open spaces. It is relatively closer to the city centre, right behind the Carlisle Castle and adjacent to the River Eden (another notable tourist attraction). You can play tennis, golf, football, bowling, and other exciting activities that make up the Urban Adventure. 
  4. A trip to the Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life should be on the cards if you are a student in Carlisle. The museum is situated inside the walls of the massive Carlisle Castle. You can learn about the military history, the standards, medals, weapons, and uniforms of the Carlisle military regiment. 

Food and Drinks Spots for students in Carlisle

We are not about to ignore this vital aspect of a Carlisle student life. We have highlighted the rich food culture in Carlisle earlier in this article. Perhaps, you are wondering where and how you can lay your hands on these delicacies? We got you covered in this section. 

  1. Foxes Café Lounge is known for its exciting café atmosphere, which treats everyone to excellent pastry and cappuccino, an Apple Refresher Smoothie, or a hearty brunch of Herbivore veggie and Full Fox carnivorous. Whichever way, you are in for a swell time. 
  1. Stanwix Tandoori is the most popular Carlisle Indian food spot. If you crave Indian delicacies, take a trip to the busy main road where Stanwix Tandoori sits and enjoy the best of Indian meals.
  2. Foxborough Smokehouse is prominent for being a source of cow, chicken, and pig meats. All of these meats are available in various forms – all flavoured and spiced to make you ask for more. 
  3. Old Bank City Pub and Chophouse promise an exciting menu of the best English classic meals. They use only locally-sourced produce – the main reason they are students’ favourites. 
  4. Thin White Duke runs a fast and seamless food service during the daytime and in the early evening. Just walk in and ask for your favourite. 

Carlisle is no doubt one of the happiest English cities. The city radiates pure and undeniable beauty from every corner. This beauty is further complemented by the tons of internationally acclaimed tourist attractions, historic landmarks, and open parks. 

Your stay in Carlisle is about to get even more exciting with this list of things to see and do. It is easy to access the spots identified in this article, thanks to the excellent transport links that run within and beyond the Carlisle city.

If you face any questions or clarifications, the student advisers at the university will be on the ground to assist you. Welcome to Carlisle!

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