The Life of a University Student

The university life is one that we all look(ed) forward to. You are about to tow that path now, and you have every reason to be excited about it. There is a lot that comes with going to university. Freedom is top of the list. You get to choose and study your most preferred course. You can now mix and socialise with your peers. There are no parents to boss you around or tell you what to do or what not to. That, perhaps, is the ‘great’ part.  

On the other hand, there is the ‘not so great’ part – the complete independence that comes with university life. You are now your own guardian. Only you can cut your excesses. Likewise, only you can manage yourself. While some students take this as a welcomed challenge, others do not. The students in the latter category will find university life quite challenging. 

From adjusting singlehandedly to an entirely new environment to the academic demands you must keep up with, the university life can stretch anyone. Few weeks into the start of the semester and all your excitement and buzz about being an undergraduate is replaced with the fears and consciousness of doing well in your studies. 

We understand how this can be. This is why we have dedicated this guide to intimating you, at length, about the life of a university student. What should you expect? What myths should you debunk? How do you get the most out of your time as an undergraduate of this prestigious university? 

If you are curious to find answers to these questions and more, then you should read on! 

The realities about student life you should know.

You will recall that before your admission to this school, you have read or heard about a couple of student myths. Now, you are probably wondering if you should take them with a pinch of salt. But the truth is not all of these myths are real, as you will find out soon. This is why we have highlighted the top realities about student life you should know below. 

You can live comfortably as a student. 

The view that a university student has no business living fine is popular, but it is not necessarily valid. Yes, money could be a problem for full-time students, but you can live well if you want to. You can raise some extra money by working part-time. Sometimes, you might get government assistance in the form of student relief packages. The university prospectus offers more on that.

Once you master the art of a budget-friendly lifestyle, you can live comfortably. Your years in the university is only a short time of your life. So, be open to making necessary adjustments and sacrifices to make it worth the while.

The bare minimum is not enough. 

Do not make a mistake of assuming Ps are enough to get you a qualification. As soothing as this may sound, it only forces you to stay in your comfort zone. As a student, you must be ready to put in the work to get a top mark at all times. The satisfaction that comes with it is unrivalled. Scoring well in courses also positions you for future studies, top scholarship opportunities, and highly valuable exchange programs. 

You may not get much recognition or benefits from scoring high in individual subjects while in school. But it pays off when you eventually get to an interview, and you show that your grade was a product of hard work and not chance. 

Attending classes and doing assignments are vital. 

We have seen many students claiming that there is no big deal in skipping the first few classes as a newly admitted university student. This is not true. When you miss classes, either the first or subsequent classes, you are depriving yourself of first-hand information from the lecturer. This vital information may not be retrievable, even when you seek help from your classmates who were in class. 

Likewise, assignments should be taken seriously. It would be best if you started working on assignments as soon as you get them. Leaving your assignments to a night before the due date is counter-productive. You will not only do a shabby work but also miss out on the essence of taking the time to do an assignment properly. You may even submit late – a situation that may cost you some vital marks. 

Learn to set goals and crush them. 

If you have not been setting goals before, now is the time to start. Setting realistic goals as a university student will keep you motivated and focused. For instance, you may set a goal to outdo your best in the previous semester. Away from academics, a fun goal will be to read each book from every category in the university’s library.

You may regret not getting involved while on campus. 

It is not uncommon to hear graduating students show their displeasure at not doing enough in terms of involvement as an undergraduate. Involvement here does not translate to joining a society or creating one yourself. Instead, you can decide to become a regular contributor to the university’s magazine board. You may also play your favourite sports, representing your faculty or department. You should do more than just attending classes – that would be limiting yourself. 

Work Experience and Student Exchange Programs are for you. 

You must understand the fact that you cannot learn all there is to in the classes. In fact, the classes will not prepare you entirely for life after school. This is why you should find opportunities to build your work experience as a student. Doing this makes your resume more attractive while giving you an insight into how the actual world really works. You may need to speak to your course coordinator or career adviser for the right guidance. 

Student exchange programs allow you to study overseas for certain parts of your course. It could be a short tour or a complete semester in another university abroad. Opportunities like these allow you to travel and see life from various angles. It is an avenue to expand your language set – if you decide to go to a country where they do not speak English. The experience from such engagements will also improve your resume. 

Welcome to Cumbria University

As a Cumbria University student, you are open to all these opportunities and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer productive and balanced learning environment to all our students. For more information or clarifications to your questions, kindly check the official university’s website. 

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